Director's Address

Dear guests of our website!

 In a modern world of innovations and progress, where people learned to substitute practically all ingredients with their synthetic analogues, and shelves in shops are filled with a huge amount of various products, it becomes more and more difficult to find something that would be really useful and tasty either for adults or children.

 We have managed to revive that very unusual taste - "the taste from childhood", using modern technologies, that allow to keep useful properties of products,­ and following only the proved recipes. We offer you to enjoy our tender souffle, caramel, caramel, fruits in chocolate, candied roasted nuts, cream candies and, of course, drops.

 Product lines, represented in our range of products, include not only natural and high-quality raw materials, but also vitamins, which make our candies really tasty and useful.

 Our Company highly appreciates partners, and standards that we adopted,  corresponding with demands of the strictest client. We always try to overcome needs­ of our customers, so you and your clients enjoy­ our production.


Ready for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation

Tะก "Konditer Profi" Director  

Marchenko Alexander Vladimirovich