About company


Trade and Production Association "Konditer Profi" is a corporate brand, aimed to unite all production by confectionary plant

  Currently our Company is one of those few, prioritizing the quality of our production, offering our consumers only the best. We have introduced the HACCP system at the factory, which includes 12 consequent steps, allowing to secure quality and guarantee safety of our production. Compliance with the HACCP is certified.

  Since 2003 we offer our clients have a wide choice of various tastes in bright and colorful wrapping:

  • Caramel (mini-caramel, caramel candies, filled)
  • Souffle candies
  • Jelly candies
  • Drops (sugar, chocolate)
  • Fruits in chocolate
  • Marmalade

  Also the experts of our Company constantly carry out rotations of products following structural changes of demand and supply at the confectionary market.  It allows to keep tradition of classic tastes and to create new unique kinds of sweets.

Our production facilities comprise a number of units, fitted with high-tech and state-of-the-art equipment, capable to produce 30.000 t of confectionary per year.

 Equipment by leading European producers with quality control service at the facilities of our own laboratory allows to provide a high quality confectionary during the whole production process.






  In 2013 construction of new (A class) warehouse was completed at the factory, new stall system assembled.

  Modernization of storage facilities allowed to:

  • increase storage space;
  • use warehouse space rationally;
  • increase storage zones for products and raw materials;
  • provide unimpeded access to every nomenclature warehouse item.


At the moment we can guarantee you:

  •  Production, which satisfies demands of any consumer;
  • Seasonal renovation of product family;
  • Individual approach to every client;
  • Delivery of production in shortest terms possible;
  • Stable supplies of our production;
  • Development of trademarks promotion strategy jointly with the customer and organization of promotional events.