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Welcome to the website of TC "Konditer Profi", LLC! Uniting all production by "Slada" LLC (Tyumen Region), we carry out production and wholesale trade of confectionary, made by oldest "sweet" factory, situated in town of Ishim.

Konditer-Profi occupies an important position on production market of "sweet products" among confectionaries of Yekaterinburg. We offer confectionary by wholesale from our warehouse in Yekaterinburg. Ordering confectionary from producer by wholesale, you get top-quality production. Great taste qualities of our production has numerously been awarded with diplomas of most famous competitions, such as "100 best goods of Russia", implying that our company is one of the leading distributors of confectionary not only in Sverdlovsk region.

High quality

Diplomas of different contests


100 Best goods of Russia

TC "Konditer Profi", LLC - producer of confectionary, which constantly studies preferences of its consumers. At the same time, our confectionary factory follows not only old-known receipts. The experimental laboratory, organized at our production facilities keeps on searching for new tastes. Ideas of professional marketologists and technologists are implemented in new products, which always provoke interest of consumer and successfully complement existing range of goods at the factory.

Our production includes:

sugar caramel or caramel with traditional (classic) receipt and mini-caramel, different fruits in chocolate and souffle, candied roasted nuts, cream candies, marmalade and various drops.

All products have declarations of correspondence following regulations of the Customs Union with Eurasian conformity signs (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia).



You can buy confectionary from producer by retail in most trading networks of Russia, such as "Magnit", "Monetka" or "Ashan", "Pyaterochka" and "Kirovsky", "Flagman", "Antares", "Giperbola", "Yabloko", "Elisey", "Zvyozdny", "Larets", "Polyana", "Vivat", "Chibis", "Atlant", "Minutka-market", "Grozd'", "Spar", "Chkalovsky", "Ellect".


TC "Konditer Profi", LLC does not only produce top-quality confectionary, but also sets competitive prices for its own production and acts as an independent distributor of confectionaries in Yekaterinburg, provides high quality service and secures in-time delivery.

Please notice, that we have prepared a new catalogue of our production for your most comfortable experience.